Products and Services

ST-WoTkit: The Web of Things Toolkit (WoTKit) is a platform as a service that allows you to connect things to the web. The system serves as a sensor data aggregator, dashboard, remote control and data processing tool. Developers can also create their own applications by using the RESTful API supplied with the platform.

ST-Impact: Impact is an application framework that allows the rapid development of mobile sensing applications that combine real world data, often sensed using mobile phones, with compelling engagement and social network features. Impact enables you to quickly deploy innovative applications that work with the real world while engaging your customers.

Two examples of innovative mobile applications built using ST-Impact are:

  • Park Quest: a fun new mobile app designed to get youth out into the parks. Based around a series of ‘quests’, users are challenged to complete tasks, solve puzzles and play real-world games – all while learning a little about the natural world around them.
  • City Impact: City Impact allows towns and cities to engage with their citizens using a combination of real world sensing and social networking. MyCity make cities smarter by tapping into crowd-sourced data from citizens.