FRED – build IoT apps faster

FRED is the fastest, easiest and most efficient platform for developing Internet of Things solutions. From prototype to production, FRED is the platform of choice for building reliable and scalable connected applications.

Building on the Node-RED visual programming tool from the IBM Emerging Technologies group, FRED provides a reliable and easily accessed hosting environment to make your development as smooth as possible.

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FRED is fast. Get up and running with just a few clicks. No need to configure firewalls and manage IP addresses.

FRED makes things easy. Sample flows will show you some of what’s possible with Node-RED. A selection of well tested nodes will help you build your own flows quickly and easily. Remote devices can connect directly to FRED through a wide range of nodes supporting many protocols. There’s even a FRED node to connect to devices running Node-RED.

FRED is reliable. Built on the Amazon AWS cloud, monitored and with a set of nodes that we test extensively before we make them available. Making sure your flows don’t get corrupted by poorly developed open-source software.

FRED is flexible. With dynamic node management, just the nodes you require will be loaded into your flow, keeping things simpler. Loading custom nodes into flows is just around the corner.

FRED is free. For prototyping. Get up and running and build out your flows without stopping to set up payment. More intense development with longer runtimes and more nodes needs a modest subscription. Plans are available for production deployment. Dedicated and scaled up branded/white label systems are also available.

FRED is production ready. From locked down instances to dedicated environments, FRED can provide the right level of service to allow you to deliver a solid and reliable service.

FRED has your back. FRED is backed by a team or professionals with deep expertise in Node-RED, MQTT, InfluxDB, hosted IoT technologies and app development.

Update 2023: FRED has been retired.