Sense Tecnic’s Hosted IoT solutions are built upon the Web of Things Toolkit platform. The WoTKit is a web based platform built on enterprise Java frameworks, both SQL and noSQL databases and message brokers for managing sensor data and control messages. The WoTKit’s data model associates the ‘things’ it manages (sensors and/or actuators) with the data streams they emit, their owner organizations, and other related things.  The high level architecture of WoTKit is shown below.

WoTKit Platform Drawing.001

Web of Things Toolkit Platform


Data Hub

The Sense Tecnic Data Hub extends the WoTKit by integrating it with the open source CKAN data management system, and the HyperCat catalog API. Together the WoTKit and CKAN provides a comprehensive solution for publishing, sharing and finding both data generated by ‘things’ as well as the static, non-time series data published by national and regional governments, companies, and end users.  For more information on CKAN see

HyperCat is an emerging IoT standard for interoperability between IoT data hubs. When a hub supports HyperCat, applications can discover the things they need on a and learn how to interact with them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.18.53 PM

Sense Tecnic Data Hub with integrated CKAN and HyperCat proxy