Case Studies – Professional Services

In addition to our rapid IoT development platform, FRED, Sense Tecnic offer Professional Services to customers who ask us to develop a variety of IoT applications. With over 6 years building IoT applications and services, we are experts and can help our customers rapidly develop and deploy sophisticated IoT applications using a variety of in-house and third party services. Here’s a few examples of projects we’ve worked on with customers over the last few years:

Highways maintenance

In collaboration with a UK company, STS has developed and deployed a full scale Highways Data Hub that provides a ‘one-stop’ data gathering and storage solution for highways maintenance. Offering full support for a variety of roadside sensors, e.g. traffic, gulley/drain, road surface etc., the Data Hub provides both web based data access and visualization of live road sensors, as well as a sophisticated API for application access. Live since 2013, the Hub manages data on road traffic flows, weather conditions, roadworks and a set of roadside sensors monitoring water level in drains and gullies. A variety of 3rd party applications have been built including a highways intersection monitoring tool, tools to analyse and optimize maintenance schedules based on roadside sensing, and tools to plan roadworks mitigating traffic disruption.


Smart Streets data hub


Gully visualization app

Datalogging and remote monitoring

A dataloggers become increasingly sophisticated, there is a natural evolution towards ‘always connected’ logging devices. Blurring the boundary between logging and remote monitoring these devices are rapidly replacing the more traditional dataloggers. Working with a datalogger manufacturer, STS has developed a cloud based service that leverages the Sense Tecnic IoT platform to allow any of its internet enabled dataloggers to be quickly configured to report into the cloud. Offering sophisticated search and data visualization, as well as both cloud based and off-line analysis, this services allows the datalogger manufacturer to better meet the needs of its customers.



WoTKit dashboard

Precision Agriculture

Working with a Canadian company who build and sell a mesh network for soil moisture monitoring, STS have built a full monitoring service for farmers and agricultural scientists. This service has been deployed since early 2014 and today is reporting from farms across N.America, ranging from vineyards and orchards to potatoes and beans. Data is reported, via 3G network, from the in-field sensor mesh network to the Sense Tecnic IoT platform platform which handles the real time data management. A separate web based application supports farmers and agronomists providing full access to their data, a variety of graphing and analysis tools and access to sensor diagnostic data for problem solving.


Mesh analyzer visualization tool

Smart Cities

The Sense Tecnic IoT platform is a natural fit with the increasing needs for smart connected cities. By augmenting the Sense Tecnic platform’s real-time capabilities with an open source solution for OpenData, STS has developed a powerful solution for gathering, managing and exploiting the large volumes of data associated with Smart Cities. The STS City Hub not only manages and provides access to city data, it offers up an extended application interface and an application store allowing smart city application to be quickly developed and delivered to market.

The STS Smart City Data Hub is in use in a number of locales including a deployment in Metro Vancouver which can be accessed here.

City Impact apps

Bike racks locator

Street tree information

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