Use Case: FRED (Cloud Node-RED) for Building Management

Integrating FRED into a SaaS application for building management

The customer: A major building management and control systems consulting firm in the United States.

The need: Deliver more control to building managers for increasingly complex building systems.

How they used FRED: Using custom nodes to communicate with control systems and historical data, FRED was integrated into a larger SaaS application to manage integrated building systems and visualize data trends.


As building management systems grow increasingly complex and the environmental impact of buildings becomes higher profile, there is a requirement for greater control of these systems.
pexels-photo-28849Traditionally building management systems are programmed using highly specialized programming languages with little flexibility to change parameters over time and limited access to data.

Our customer wanted to increase flexibility for controlling systems as well as deliver tools to track history of both configurations and sensor data. They chose FRED to integrate into a larger SaaS application, with custom nodes to provide access to historical system data. The building manager can leverage data visualization tools in FRED, as well as use advanced logic to manage control systems.

We deployed a dedicated hosted FRED system and securely integrated it with their SaaS application. This provided a seamless integration with the customer’s SaaS application while delivering a flexible and powerful programming environment.

The result: the customer was able to focus on the user experience for the building management team, increasing flexibility for control systems while providing new capabilities for monitoring system performance.