How FRED is in use by our customers today – and how it can help you.

We have over 30000 registered users on the FRED platform, using it for an amazing variety of IoT applications covering almost every IoT vertical you can imagine. From precision agriculture in the USA, to energy management in Thailand, from factory monitoring in Germany to wearable devices in Sweden. Here are a few examples of how our customers are using FRED for their production needs today:


For IoT hardware manufactures

    : one of our customers builds and sells a IoT sensor devices for the wearables market. They wanted to bundle a development environment with their product. We adapted FRED to their needs.

Industrial IoT – Monitoring, Dashboards and Alerting: We have a number of customers who are using FRED as a cloud service to monitor and manage factory and other industrial machinery. A popular approach is to use an OPC server, or similar gateway device to gather machine data and deliver it, via MQTT (or HTTP, AMQP, etc) to FRED.

FRED is then used for data cleanup, analysis and pushing to storage, either 3rd party storage services or data-base products such as the increasingly popular InfluxDB which has been designed for real time and IoT focused applications.

prec-agSensing and monitoring for precision agriculture: a US based customer wanted to retrieve data from their on farm sensors, graph, analyse and alert and then move the data into a large scale farming hub operated by Monsanto.

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Dashboards for environmental data: an east coast customer wanted to help its customer visualize their environmental data from LoRaWAN connected sensors. FRED’s UI nodes provided the answers.

Bldg-mngtBuilding management Software as a Service (SaaS): Increasingly our customers want to offer SaaS services. Here’s how we adapted FRED for one customer’s needs.