News from the FRED team: Newsletter 13

News from the FRED (Node-RED) team at Sense Tecnic

In this issue:

  • New Node: Users node to restrict access to dashboards and HTTP services
  • New Node: Binance cryptocurrency node
  • New Tutorials – FRED and cryptocurrencies
  • FRED Snapshot: Sake Brewery Automation
  • New Privacy Policy

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Users node

A frequent request we’ve heard is how to restrict access to public dashboards and HTTP services for flows.

We created a Users node which allows you to create a credentials list for access to dashboards and HTTP endpoints. Simply drop in the Users node, configure credentials and access is restricted.

The new Users node is available from the Node-RED Library and is also installed on FRED for use.

Binance cryptocurrency node

We’ve talked to some users wanting to access – and in some cases – trade cryptocurrencies through FRED. We developed a new Node for accessing and using the Binance cryptocurrency platform. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Binance is one of the largest crypto trading platforms (perhaps largest by volume), and importantly has a comprehensive and sophisticated API.

The new Binance node is available in the Node-RED Library and is also installed on FRED for use.

Binance cryptocurrency tutorials

We’ve written a short tutorial on using the Binance node that shows how a simple Node-RED flow can get a variety of market data.

A second tutorial on dashboarding market data from Binance builds on the previous tutorial and adds a basic dashboard that uses Node-RED UI nodes to graph live data.

A dashboard DEMO demonstrates how to create custom cryptocurrency charts along with a tutorial to explain how this is done.

FRED Snapshot: Sake Brewery Automation After just one quick support question was answered, a sake brewer from the eastern US replied “Thanks! Now I can go back to brew more sake!”

We can’t publish the name of his brewery because it hasn’t opened yet, but we’re pleased with the brewer’s speedy progress with FRED. Taking flows he had been experimenting with locally, it took less than one day to move his entire monitoring and control flows to FRED and our STS MQTT broker. Included in the brewery automation are Siemens PLCs and SONESSE sensors among other devices and gateways. FRED gives him the advantage of monitoring the brewing activity from anywhere and saves the headache of maintaining computers locally. Using FRED has allowed him to focus on what he wants to do – brew sake!

Privacy Policy Update To save you from yet another privacy policy update email, we’ve included a link to our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy

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