Use-Case: FRED (Cloud Node-RED) for Environmental Data

Vizualizing realtime data from an environmental sensor network

The customer: an east coast consultancy wanted to help an environmental foundation visualize real time data from a complex body of water.

The need: Management decisions for a complex body of water required strong visualization of both realtime and historical data.

How they used FRED: Data from a distributed network of sensors was streamed to FRED where UI nodes delivered the required visualizations.


Management decisions for a complex and rapidly changing body of water necessitated visualizing data from a distributed network of sensors.

A LoRaWAN wireless sensor network was deployed with sensors located in a number of different areas of the water body, collecting data points for dissolved oxygen, temperature and salinity, which were indicative of the overall health of the water.

Visualizations of the incoming data from FRED UI nodes was available in real time to the environmental foundation, as well as the general public, greatly improving visibility into the current state of the local environment.

The result: The data and dashboard allow scientists, citizen scientists and the public to know the real time health of a large and important body of water. Improved visibility into water quality permits new management initiatives, as well as informing local aquaculture users of optimal strategies.