Using FRED (Node-RED) with GE Predix

New nodes and tutorial – GE Predix (Industrial IoT)

For those of you interested in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) you may want to check out some new nodes we’ve recently developed. These are nodes to allow access to the GE Predix platform.

GE recently announced it’s platform for the Industrial IoT, named Predix, it focuses on the security and reliability that is needed for IIoT applications. GE has taken a serverless computing approach allowing developers to install code fragments in their cloud that use microservices and the core GE communications infrastructure to monitor, control and reason about industrial machinery. You can read a white paper here.

To help developers explore and use the GE Predix platform, we’ve created two new nodes that allow you to access data stored in the Predix platform that has been captured from industrial machinery.  We’ve created a tutorial to show how to use these nodes – you can read it here.

Note, you will need an account with GE Predix to use these nodes (they require an authentication token) which requires you register and get accepted into the GE developer program – details are in the tutorial.

Let us know if you have any questions, or suggestions for other useful nodes.