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Whether you are a hardware manufacturer, integrator or end user, Sense Tecnic will provide the platform, professional development team and hosting services needed to prototype and then get your IoT product to market quickly.

FRED – a rapid IoT application tool:

STS builds and hosts a cloud-based IoT application toolkit built around a visual programming model. Using a standard web browser, developers can rapidly create and deploy – into the cloud – IoT applications with a just a few clicks of a button.

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Leveraging the IBM developed open-source project, Node-RED, we have developed a cloud service that allows developers to access their code, develop new code, deploy it to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure – all from the comfort of their web browser. Key features include:

  • Web based drag and drop model for rapid application development
  • Large collection of built-in nodes to handle many standard IoT needs
  • Customizable nodes for extra or targeted functionality
  • Easy connectivity to a range of IoT platforms and services including MQTT, WoTKit, DweetIO, Mongo ……
  • One click deploy to secure hosted cloud infrastructure

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WoTKit – a full featured IoT platform:

For customers who need a full featured IoT platform, STS offers WoTKit – the Web of Things Toolkit. WoTKit is a cloud hosted, fully featured IoT platform capable of handling the most demanding of IoT scenarios.

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Professional Services

Sense Tecnic have been building and deploying IoT applications for our customers since 2010. We offer a comprehensive service from design to deploy. Leveraging our own in-house technologies such as FRED, as well as a host of industry standard technologies. We can help you get your IoT application or service to market quicker, and cheaper.

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