Monitoring on behalf of multiple customers using Node-RED – multi-dashboard demo

Multi-dashboards in FRED (Cloud Node-RED)

A common use case we are asked about is how to setup and manage monitoring dashboards for multiple customers. A typical scenario is a company that builds an industrial machine that it sells on to its customers. It wants to offer an after sales service to monitor the machinery and alert if issues occur. A similar scenario would be a company that has multiple industrial plants or drilling sites and wants a dashboard for each site that is separately accessed and managed.

An approach supported by STS is to use a master FRED account to handle incoming MQTT data from a number of different customers. The master account handles data inputs, cleanup and any real-time alerting. Additionally, data can be archived to InfluxDB for historical charting and analysis.

The master account then passes data to a set of customer-specific accounts, each account pre-configured with a dashboard that allows them to access their data in real-time and, if required, configure their own flows for alerting, integration, or analysis.

Live Demo

We’ve set up a demo of this scenario using FRED showing how ACME monitoring company can setup accounts and monitoring dashboards/services for its customers – Healthy Buildings Inc, Family Farm Inc and Tasty Cookies Inc. For each customer ACME monitors different data, has different alerts and provides different dashboards. In addition, ACME has its own ‘health status’ dashboard to monitor that all customer sites are running and healthy.

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