WoTKit – a fully featured IoT platform


WoTKit – a full featured IoT platform

The STS IoT Platform includes integration and connectivity tools for connecting devices and sensors to our platform. Once connected we are able to visualize the data, store the data, and search on it. All data is stored in our secure platform which includes a REST API for development of web and mobile applications. We have tightly integrated a visual programming tool to simplify the job of connecting computing devices, “things”, and online services. At it’s core the STS IoT Platform is a fully scalable IoT platform that provides a solid and rich foundation for building solutions best solved by deploying internet thinking. The platform is an accelerant for IoT solutions because we enable customer to easily and quickly prototype solutions and can scale to enterprise level deployments.

Time series database: The built in time series database that is highly optimized for the storage, and querying, and handling of time series data vital for managing the data generated by connected devices.
Visualization: Out of the box the STS IoT Platform enables device and sensor data to be visualized using charts, graphs, gauges, maps, tables, and controls. The visualization can be used to quickly and easily build dashboards for any group or department in your company.
Comprehensive APIs: The STS IoT Platform includes well documented APIs (RESTful) to enable rapid development of web and mobile applications.
Visual Programming Tool: STS has integrated IBM’s Node-RED into the STS IoT Platform. This provides the very best visual programming tool for easily connecting disparate items such as computing devices, sensors, enterprise applications, and online services.
Security: The STS IoT Platform protects your data using industry standard encryption and authentication protocols ensuring the data between your applications, devices and the platform are protected. Using flexible role based access control, platform administrators can control who has read and write access to your devices.
Billing: In a multi-tenant hosted IoT Platform environment, billing can be a very complicated. STS has developed a sophisticated billing environment that is customizable. We have also partnered with Stripe to provide payment processing capabilities as part of the hosted STS IoT Platform.
Device Management: Asset management is a key capability of an IoT Platform. The STS IoT Platform includes device management capabilities to assist in asset management, understanding the current state and readings of devices and the ability to search for devices that are connected to the platform.

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