News from the FRED (Node-RED) team at Sense Tecnic: 14

In this issue:

  • Covid-19
  • Upgraded to Node-RED 1.0.5
  • T&C’s – a reminder
  • Node-RED and FRED Tutorials
  • New Privacy Policy

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Firstly and most importantly, we hope you and your loved ones are staying well through these challenging times.   Things are changing fast and as a FRED user we want to keep you up to date with what’s going on, and how we are adapting to the situation to make sure we deliver the service you expect.  As always, meeting customer needs is our first priority, which is why we have reorganised our teams to focus on giving you the best service we are able to during these difficult times. Obviously, reduced staffing means that there is an effect. However we continue to maintain FRED, upgrade when appropriate and respond to your support questions as quickly as we are able. 

Node-RED V1.0.5 upgrade

We upgraded the Node-RED engine used in FRED to version 1.0.5 recently to make sure that we track the new releases of Node-RED and associated core nodes. 

For most users this should have been transparent – if you do see any issues with your flows then please contact us at:

One major change is that Email nodes are no longer included in the core Node-RED nodes.

If you use Email nodes in your flows you will need to reinstall them. This also applies to Twitter, Feedparser, and Sentiment nodes.

To add supported nodes to your Node-RED instance:

  1. Select “Add or Remove Nodes” from the FRED sidebar on the left.
  2. The Email node is under Notifications; Twitter is under Social Media, Feedparser and Sentiment are under Functions and Data Parsing.
  3. Select the node you wish to add.
  4. You will be prompted to restart your instance.

A list of changes applied:

  • Update Node-RED to version 1.0.5
  • Remove twitter, feedparser, email nodes from default nodes list.
  • Updated node-red-node-twitter to 1.1.6.
  • Updated node-red-node-feedparser to 1.1.15.
  • Updated node-red-node-email to 1.7.1.
  • Updated node-red-dashboard to 2.21.0.
  • Updated node-red-contrib-osisoft-web- api to 0.0.6.
  • Added node-red-contrib-google-oauth2

Terms and Conditions – a reminder

Just a friendly reminder to make sure you’ve taken a look at our T&Cs. In particular, please note our acceptable use and fair use policies. We want to keep our tier pricing simple, and have avoided charging for resource usage such as messages in/out, because that seems to be what most of our users want. However if we feel users are exceeding reasonable usage limits we will restrict accounts to ensure our other users aren’t affected.

Terms and Conditions

Tutorials and other guides
There’s a variety of documentation available to help you get the most out of FRED and Node-RED – our main set of tutorials are available via the link below.


In addition, a more general set of lectures is available at:  
Node-RED Programming Guide

and our user documentation for FRED is available at:

FRED User Documentation

Privacy Policy Update

To save you from yet another privacy policy update email, we’ve included a link to our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy

Need help with the IoT – we’re experts!

  • IoT app development and other professional services – any platform, any language.
  • Hosted IoT technologies, MQTT, InfluxDB, etc
  • Custom Node-RED nodes or flows.
  • Hosted Node-RED, branded for your organization or customers.

Contact us at: info@sensetecnic.comIf you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at