Node-RED for Smart Cities – how FRED can help

News from the FRED team at Sense Tecnic

Node-RED for Smart Cities

Sense Tecnic were recently invited to join the Canadian trade mission to Europe focused on Smart Cities. It was an honour to be one of 12 companies chosen to represent Canada’s high tech offerings in the Smart City sector. We were promoting our Smart City platform (CityHub) as well the Node-RED and FRED as a rapid development tool for Smart City apps. We met up with companies and organizations in the UK, and then spent 4 days at the Eureka Smart City event in Stockholm. You can read more about the Eureka event here, and read a technical overview of our CityHub product here.

Check out our developer resources

If you are still finding your way with Node-RED and need some help, check out two resources we have developed.
  • Our series of Node-RED lectures offers a comprehensive introduction to Node-RED and is packed with examples:
  • We also have a set of developer tutorials covering Node-RED as well as other IoT topics: