Newsletter #6 from the FRED (Cloud based Node-RED) team at Sense Tecnic

News from the FRED team at Sense Tecnic

New nodes and tutorial – Samsung Artik

We’ve created and released a set of nodes for the Samsung Artik IoT boards. These are designed to run under Node-RED on the boards themselves and provide access to, and control of the hardware pins including analogue and digital IO and pwm.

If you pair these with the powerful FRED nodes – which allow communication between a Node-RED instance on a device (Pi, Artik, Edison, etc) and the FRED cloud hosted Node-RED – you get the ability to access the Artik hardware from the cloud and to control any attached sensors/actuators.

We’ve created a tutorial showing how to read the pins and control a motor connected to the Artik board, check it out at:

Let us know if you have any questions, or suggestions for other useful nodes.

How our customers are using FRED

For those of you interested in using Node-RED for production, we’ve put some use cases on our website that talk about how our customers are using FRED to deliver real services.

  • For IoT hardware manufactures: one of our customers builds and sells IoT sensor devices for the wearables market. They wanted to bundle a development environment with their product. We adapted FRED to their needs.
  • Sensing and monitoring for precision agriculture: a US based customer wanted to retrieve data from their on farm sensors, graph, analyse and alert and then move the data into a large scale farming hub operated by Monsanto.
  • Dashboards for environmental data: an east coast customer wanted to help its customer visualize their environmental data from LoRaWAN connected sensors. FRED’s UI nodes provided the answers.
  • Building management Software as a Service (SaaS): Increasingly our customers want to offer SaaS services. Here’s how we adapted FRED for one customer’s needs.

Learn more

Sense Tecnic join the JavaScript Foundation

For those of you who may have missed it, Node-RED and Sense Tecnic recently joined the newly formed JavaScript foundation. This is an important step forward for Node-RED – allowing it to evolve with greater community input. Kudos to the Nick and Dave at IBM for moving this forward.

Sense Tecnic felt it important enough that we wanted to join as a founding member, obviously to help move Node-RED forward, but also to represent our 2500+ users – you!

More details are here:

New and updated nodes

We’ve added or updated a number of Nodes to FRED recently. These include:

  • SOAP node: a generic node for accessing a Soap based service API.
  • A new node set Boolean-logic was requested recently. It meets a need expressed by a number of users familiar with more traditional dataflow programming tools.
  • netatmo-dashboard node for the popular Netatmo home sensors devices
  • We’ve also updated the twilio nodes – these provide a way to access the SMS service twilio and have proven popular with users monitoring equipment etc.

All these nodes are available, along with the rest of our extended set, by using the add/remove feature of our management panel.

Check out our developer resources

If you are still finding your way with Node-RED and need some help, check out two resources we have developed.
  • Our series of Node-RED lectures offers a comprehensive introduction to Node-RED and is packed with examples:
  • We also have a set of developer tutorials covering Node-RED as well as other IoT topics:
  • Our Newsletters can be found via our blog
Want help with Node-RED, need custom nodes or flows? We can help:
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